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At Senior Care Services, we know that entrusting the care of your loved ones to others can be an emotional and difficult decision. That's why we approach our work with the utmost empathy, understanding, and sensitivity. Our caregivers are carefully chosen elder care professionals who have up to date certification and a minimum of 2 years experience. 

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Our Office staff play a crucial role in providing another layer of care. They are our “other caregivers” responsible for hiring, training, and supervising our in-home caregivers, ensuring that they are providing high-quality care to our clients. Office staff also monitor the caregivers' schedules and coordinate with them to ensure that their clients receive the necessary care at the right times.

More Than a Helping Hand

Building Loving Relationships

At Senior Care Services, we understand that every senior has a unique story and a lifetime of experiences that shape who they are. Our caregivers strive to build meaningful relationships with each of our clients, listening to their stories, and providing compassionate care that honors their individuality.

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